Friday, October 21, 2011

conflict in the blogosphere...

A couple of items came to my attention today during my usual perusal of the Washington Post Education section. One is a piece by Jay Mathews (again) which, to be fair, decries the not-well-thought-out implementation of required honors courses in Anne Arundel County, but ultimately sticks with his previous claim that all students should take honors classes. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to his original post from several months ago, but I'll work on that and hopefully add it to this page soon.

Of course, since you know how I feel about everything Jay Mathews writes (or, at least, it seems like everything), it left me twitching and frantically typing in the comments section. It turns out I just can't stop myself.

The other is on Valerie Strauss' Answer Sheet blog. In this post, the author challenges the Thomas B. Fordham Institute's conclusion that highly-advanced and gifted students are being shortchanged by our current basic-standards-based system. I think you know which side I support on THAT issue...

I'll try to return and post some analytical-type comments about each one here but, honestly, we have a pile of family coming to our house Sunday, so I might not get to it. But I'll try.

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