Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love my job because _(insert reasons here)_

And now for the BIG one...

THE reason...

priority NUMERO UNO...

for why I love my job...




I love watching kids learn.

I love watching kids discover something new about themselves.

I love watching them work out their social drama, and I wonder how I ever survived middle school.

I love watching them have debates about the strangest things.

I love watching the learning process without worrying about grades or mindless homework.

I love watching a silly song take form, sung by only one at first, but soon joined by the whole class for a chorus or two.

I love watching them make meaningful connections between the material we're studying and the world in which they live.

I love watching kids play with magnetic root word poetry on the grayboard. Octoplatygastrology, anyone?

I love watching one child help another with geometry and hearing the assistee say "Ooooooh, I get it now!"

I love watching kids figure things out without worrying about whether I'm keeping up with the correct Virginia Standards.

I love watching kids attack a project, knowing that every child will come up with a different solution.

I love watching the enthusiasm that results from an assignment with true relevance.

I love watching kids learn.

As this blog gets rolling, I'll get into more specifics for teaching strategies, materials, and creative problem-solving. For the first few posts, though, the focus is going to be on why I'm doing this: Why am I blogging? Why do I teach? Why do I love what I do?

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  1. What fun to see specifics about why you love teaching gifted students and realize that if I had taken time to do the same thing, I would have come up with a high degree of "correlation." (Don't tell my Statistics prof. at GMU that I used that word in this context. I might be wrong!)



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